Field Mobility

How The Work of Maintaining the Modern Grid Gets Done
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Field Mobility Challenges of the Modern Grid
Generic Software:

Most existing field mobility solutions are not custom-built to manage the grid

Legacy Processes:

Paper maps, legacy software, and manual processes lead to operational
and compliance gaps

User Adoption:

Workforces are being inhibited by tools that were not designed hand-in-hand
with the field

Built by the Utility for the Utility
PG&E’s Discovery

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) first implemented the core technology that FieldNav is built upon to improve its understanding of an expansive and complex territory of over 70k square miles. The operational concept for FieldNav’s technology was built from years of experience and thousands of field-worker users, resulting in an intuitive and thorough process for maintaining utility field-assets and equipment. The technology created and developed within PG&E has expanded to the suite of applications now being offered through FieldNav.

FieldNav’s Solution

FieldNav product specifications were developed hand-in-hand with PG&E field crews and supervisory teams to optimize field usage and adoption. Leveraging a lean, design-think approach, FieldNav was built to enable real-time, geo-spatial field asset data.

This is a utility operations tool, built by utility operations.

This is a utility operations tool, built by utility operations.
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FieldNav Customer Advantages
Reduce OpEx
  • Reduce operational expense to support work management (clerks, mappers, schedulers)
Improve Compliance
  • Improve data integrity and clean up operational workflows
  • On-demand inspection records
Improve Safety
  • Limit untimely or missed inspections
  • Reduce the risk of safety events
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