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FieldNav Seamlessly Extends Enterprise Asset Management Into the Field

FieldNav is an application that is purpose-built for the needs of utility field service work, and was designed, developed, and tested alongside hundreds of field employees. Many of the enterprise asset management technologies that are commonly used by utilities lack robust support for field crews and their unique workflows and needs. 

Field service crews, supervisors, and administrators alike can complete all of their work within one single application accessible on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Industry-standard encryption ensures that all data is secure.

Users gain real-time views into how  field work is progressing, across all field teams, business units, and asset classes. This centralized visibility into all ongoing work reduces the risk of  noncompliance due to late and/or missed maintenance.

Utilities can combine maps data from  multiple internal and external sources through the FieldNav application’s unique Geo-Mart functionality – including utility asset data; street, parks, and satellite overlays; third-party parcel data from sources like CoreLogic, and the option to leverage packaged ESRI maps integration.

FieldNav’s mapping capabilities  include built-in user-friendly tools for interacting with maps and geodata, including the ability for users to draw polygons, “lasso” a geographic area to select and interact with multiple nearby assets, and more.

An easy-to-use, intuitive interface enables users to browse work orders and assets, review their status, assign work, complete all pre and post-work documentation, upload photos and documentation, view work status, and report on completed work. Training contractor crews  can be done in minutes = high user adoption.

FieldNav supports configurable  asset data classes and layers for  mapping. Utilities are able to define asset categories in ways that work for your own internal business structure to make it as easy as possible for employees to interact with asset data.

Innovative data sync capabilities  ensure that the system has the ability to efficiently load and sync geo-data to teams in the fields, at  high speeds, and without taxing the system – making it possible to support the needs of large distributed  field teams updating maps and asset  data all at once.

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